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General Meeting – May 3, 2023

The Amazing James Webb Space Telescope

Barri Babow

The new James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) pushes the engineering and exploration of space a giant leap forward. We’ll compare JWST with its predecessor the Hubble Space Telescope. We’ll also show some JWST images and explain how they’re groundbreaking.

Barri Babow has a MS in Information Systems and a MA in History of Science from the Univ of Wisconsin-Madison. She has a BS in Physics from Harvey Mudd College. She briefly designed satellite software at Aerojet in LA before going to grad school where she taught in the Astronomy and Computer Science departments. Intel brought Barri back to her native Northern California where she’s spent the last 20+ years working in IT at various companies.


NC Astronomers Meets at 7pm in the
Madelyn Helling Library Community Room
980 Helling Way
Nevada City, CA 95959