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General Meeting for May 1, 2024

Moon Dreams, Part 2

David Buchla

The talk for May is a follow up to Dave’s original “Moon Dreams” presentation from 2015. The original talk included biographical summaries of four people that dreamed of going to the Moon. One of the four (Neil Armstrong) actually did! The four people in the original talk were Jules Verne, Robert Goddard, Arthur C. Clarke, and Neil Armstrong

“Moon Dreams 2” is less about people going to the moon and more about the common connection of four contemporary astronomers and two authors. The talk begins by mentioning a couple of discoveries about ancient people and then the vital connection of the moon to life on Earth. (Without the moon, we might not be here!) The main focus of the talk is to describe research regarding the Moon from the last 12 years or so. This includes a brief description of GRAIL, which mapped the moon’s gravity in 2012 and new and revised ideas from the Giant Impact, which is the leading theory of the moon’s formation. The four astronomers discussed have a common interest in the moon’s formation and its early history. One of the four, Bill Hartmann, was one of the originators of the Giant Impact theory in 1975.

Dave was a founding member of our club, having been both outreach coordinator and president.  He pioneered our annual star party at Plumas Eureka State Park.  Following a career in science, which included 9 years at Lawrence Livermore Lab, he taught electronics and physical science at Yuba College, and has authored a number of textbooks and lab manuals for Pearson Education.  

Dave will be speaking to us via zoom from Georgia. We will be displaying his talk on the meeting room’s projector, and will be able to interact with him via Zoom.  So, don’t let his lack of local presence prevent you from attending the meeting; we’ll make the interaction as close to “live” as possible.

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