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Summer Season General Meeting – September 6, 2023

Time Dilation: Theory and Demonstration

Alan Stahler

We live in such a small part of the universe … yet we presume things work here the way things work everywhere. But we move in slo-mo … slow-motion. If we could move faster – close to the speed of light – we’d see everything around us stretching and shrinking, in all dimensions … including the time dimension. This Wednesday (and again, on KVMR, Thursday at 6:30PM) we’ll catch a glimpse of time … dilating.

Al Stahler enjoys sharing science and nature with friends and neighbors, in The Union, on KVMR-FM, and at monthly star parties in partnership with the telescope operators of the Nevada County Astronomers Club. He teaches classes for both kids and grown-ups. KVMR is the community radio station serving Nevada City, Grass Valley, and surrounding communities. Al’s program “Soundings” can be heard the first Thursday of the month at 6:30pm.

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