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NC Astronomers Meets
At the Madelyn Helling Library
Community Room
980 Helling Way
Nevada City, CA 95959

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   Oct 3
  1st Wednesday
   7pm - 9pm

Alan Stahler:  The Parker Solar Probe


Paul Bacon:  VERY introductory astrophotography

Before dawn on Wednesday, Oct 3 (the day of our meeting), The Parker Solar Probe will flyby Venus to slow itself down as it falls toward the sun.  We are used to hearing about NASA using 'flybys' of Jupiter to 'sling shot' a satellite to higher speeds.  Come and hear how a Venus 'flyby' is being used to slow down the Parker Probe and why.

Al Stahler will talk about the maneuver and the mission.

Paul Bacon will discuss 'easy' ways to take a picture of the heavens.  If he can get you to take even ONE picture, you will be captivated and 'trapped' for a life time of exploration (and expense?).


   Nov 7
  1st Wednesday
   7pm - 9pm

Larry Harrison

Meterites and other extra terrestrial invasions!

Our November speaker is Larry Harrison, longtime friend and supporter of NC Astronomers.  Larry is an avid meteorite collector and has many beautiful specimens from various parts of the world. 

Larry will share his knowledge of meteorites and show examples of each type. 

In addiltion to Larry's meteorites, Dave Buchla will bring in his collection, which numbers over 40 specimens.  It promises to be a fun and educational evening.




   Dec 5
  1st Wednesday
   7pm - 9pm

Club Meeting

Details to follow  

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