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NC Astronomers Meets
At the Madelyn Helling Library
Community Room
980 Helling Way
Nevada City, CA 95959

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  April 1st
  1st Wednesday
  7pm - 9pm

by Alan Stahler

Everywhere we look, we find the universe going downhill ... with one exception. That tiny, exceptional part of the universe is our own solar system, where life fights the downhill slide. Al Stahler will explore how life could come about in a universe that's falling apart ... and how we can search for life elsewhere.

  May 6th
  1st Wednesday
  7pm - 9pm

Weird Science
by Dr Kurt Simon

There are several weird concepts that science has come up with to explain astronomical observations, including Cosmic Inflation, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Black Holes.

This presentation describes these theories and the evidence for them and then presents an alternative theory based on fundamental principles that avoids their counter-intuitive implications. This theory shows that the universe as a whole complies with the definition of a black hole and the mass in a black hole naturally goes to its radius, thus explaining dark energy and oddities about black holes. Come listen to Dr. Kurt Simon - be prepared to be surprised!

Sep 2nd 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced
Oct 7th 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced
Nov 4th 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced
Dec 2nd 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced

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