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NC Astronomers Meets
At the Madelyn Helling Library
Community Room
980 Helling Way
Nevada City, CA 95959

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  Sept 2nd
  1st Wednesday
  7pm - 9pm

2015 Arctic Eclipse
2017 US Eclipse

by David Buchla

In this presentation, solar eclipses in general are discussed and we'll look at the reasons behind the various eclipse cycles - especially the Saros cycle, which is the most widely known cycle. Technical aspects of the sun's corona and prominences, which are the preeminent features of solar eclipses, are covered. We'll look "inside" the sun to see the reasons for the sun's very hot corona and the brilliant red prominences seen at second and third contact of a solar eclipse.

The March 2015 total solar eclipse in the arctic was of great interest to amateurs and more people were on the Norwegian island of Svalbard for the eclipse than at any other time in history. David will describe this particular eclipse and describe his trip to the arctic to view it. In addition, auroras were observed in the evenings following the eclipse and will be described with photos.

Another eclipse of great interest in the United States is the upcoming eclipse of August 21, 2017 (Saros 145). After more than a 38 year absence, a total eclipse returns to US soil. Weather prospects and technical details of this eclipse will be discussed with observing and photographic suggestions for beginners.

  Nov 4th
  1st Wednesday
  7pm - 9pm

Comet P/96 (Machholz)
by Don Machholz

Don Machholz is the most successful living visual comet hunter in the world. Credited with the discovery of 11 comets. Don will talk about Comet P/96 which has a most unusual chemical composition. One explanation, it's a comet from outside the Solar System.

Oct 7th 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced
Dec 2nd 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced

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