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NC Astronomers Meets
At the Madelyn Helling Library
Community Room
980 Helling Way
Nevada City, CA 95959

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  Feb 4th
  1st Wednesday
  7pm - 9pm

Moon Dreams
by David Buchla

Moon Dreams, is about the lives of four men that were dreamers and doers of a trip to the moon. All of their lives are interconnected by the dream but they lived in different time periods. The story of eventually involves many more people, but these four played pivotal roles: Jules Verne, Robert Goddard, Arthur C. Clarke and Neil Armstrong.

  Mar 4th
  1st Wednesday
  7pm - 9pm

Messier Marathon
by Don Machholz

Don, is the most successful living visual comet hunter in the world, being credited with the discovery of 11 comets.

Don is also considered to be one of the inventors of the Messier Marathon, which is a race to observe all 110 Messier objects in a single night. Don has done 49 Messier Marathons in the past 37 years.

Don Machholz, is the author of The Observing Guide to the Messier Marathon: A Handbook and Atlas published by Cambridge University Press (November 4, 2002) which encompasses his 16 years of helping to develop and run Messier Marathons.

Apr 1st 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced
May 6th 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced
Sep 2nd 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced
Oct 7th 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced
Nov 4th 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced
Dec 2nd 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced

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