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NC Astronomers Meets
At the Madelyn Helling Library
Community Room
980 Helling Way
Nevada City, CA 95959

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   Apr 29
 Noon - 3pm

Astronomy Day
Madelyn Helling Library

What better way to celebrate Astronomy Day than by learning about the universe while doing fun activities? Talk to local experts on diverse space topics like constructing and using telescopes and viewing the upcoming solar eclipse.

Activities include:

  • planetarium shows
  • making star wheels
  • hands-on science exhibits
  • learning about planets on the planet walk
  • safe viewing of the sun with solar-filtered
  • telescopes
  • International Dark Sky Association will have a display about night lighting!

May 3rd
1st Wednesday
7pm - 9pm


Jupiter & Saturn
Observation and Exploration  
  by Mark Graybill


Jupiter and Saturn will both be excellent observational targets from May through summer of this year. Find out what to see and what it takes to see it for the two showpiece planets of our solar system, including observation of their moons. Also, the exploration of these planets with space probes will be discussed, including the Cassini probe which will end its 14 year mission with a descent into Saturn's atmosphere in September, and the forthcoming Europa Clipper, which will explore the subsurface ocean of Jupiter's moon Europa in the 2020s.


   Jun 7
  1st Wednesday
   5:30 pm

Members Potluck
Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors
by Jeff Baldwin and Larry Grimes

See members calendar for details


Sep 6th
1st Wednesday
7pm - 9pm

Cassini Discoveries
Mission to Saturn
by Al Stahler

Kitchen chemistry - mixing & sorting, freezing & thawing, steaming, roasting, microwaving - great fun, but there's a limit to how large you can run your experiments.

In the planets - especially the gas giants - nature runs experiments for us.  We can watch the results with telescopes, or send spacecraft to observe close-up.

After a decade of observing Saturn from orbit, the Cassini spacecraft will dive into the ringed planet's atmosphere this fall.  Al Stahler will talk about the mission, and the upcoming dive.


Oct 4th
1st Wednesday
7pm - 9pm

Leonhard Euler
Blind Mathematician or
Life Long Astronomer
by Dan St.John

Without dissent Euler is by far the most prolific and influential mathematician in history. But, you may be surprised to learn that he was a life long astronomer from his early years at the St. Petersburg Observatory to his discussions the day he died, on the orbit of the newly discovered planet Uranus. During his life Euler applied his amazing intellect to the most pressing problems of the day. His pioneering work in Astronomy was recognized with six of the twelve prizes he won from the Paris Academy of Sciences.

In this lecture, Dan St. John will discuss the many contributions of Leonhard Euler to the field of Astronomy; reviewing along the way Euler's unparalleled contributions to the field of Mathematics and their effects on an amazing number of disciplines.


Nov 1st
1st Wednesday
7pm - 9pm

Aperture Fever
Build or Buy ???
by Bill Thomas and Lonnie Robinson

Details to follow  

Dec 6th
1st Wednesday
7pm - 9pm

               To be announced  

   Jan 3
  1st Wednesday
   7pm - 9pm

               To be announced  

   Feb 7
  1st Wednesday
   7pm - 9pm

               To be announced  

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