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NC Astronomers Meets
At the Madelyn Helling Library
Community Room
980 Helling Way
Nevada City, CA 95959

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   Feb 7
  1st Wednesday
   7pm - 9pm

by Larry Harrison

Long time meteorite collector and astronomer, Larry Harrison, will be our speaker for February. Larry is an enthusiastic meteorite collector and has an encyclopedia knowledge of various types of meteorites. He will discuss meteorites in a "show and tell" talk that should be a great way to learn more about meteorites from an expert and see some of the beautiful specimens in Larry’s collection.


   Mar 7
  1st Wednesday
   7pm - 9pm

               To be announced  

   Apr 4
  1st Wednesday
   7pm - 9pm

Aperture Fever
by Lonnie Robinson, Tom Osypowski and
Bill Thomas

No one since the time of Galileo, has been more responsible for the spread of Aperture Fever than John Dobson.  He revolutionized Amateur Telescope Making by pioneering the building of large aperture telescopes – light buckets.  

Aperture is the diameter of the first optical component (mirror or lens) of a telescope which determines how faint and the details which can be seen.  Often after a first scope Aperture Fever begins and then the question is what will the cure cost?  The talk will explore the tradeoffs from building your own to purchasing a truly large instrument with all the bells and whistles.


   May 2
  1st Wednesday
   7pm - 9pm

               To be announced  

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