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NC Astronomers Meets
At the Madelyn Helling Library
Community Room
980 Helling Way
Nevada City, CA 95959

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  Feb 3rd
  1st Wednesday
  7pm - 9pm

Distinguished Women in Astronomy and Physics
by Dan St. John

Dan St. John is the Secretary/Treasurer of the NC Astronomers. He studied Physics at Occidental College in Los Angeles and at Stanford University. He joined NC Astronomers to enjoy the wonders of the night sky. He owns a telescope and is a novice astronomer absorbing the information shared in our club. He finds Cosmology and AstroPhysics fascinating 21st Century disciplines.

Dan says, "While recently reading the 4% Universe and the Biography of E=MC^2, he was reminded of the distinguished careers of several women who were part of these stories." This got him interested in other women of science and particularly Astronomy. His talk will begin with Hypatia of Alexandria, move to Emilie du Chatelet in France, review the history of women and the Royal Academy in London, discuss the Harvard women star catalogers as well as individual female comet hunters. He will review the story of the Mercury 13 women 'astronauts' as well as Vera Rubin (Dark Matter); all leading to a discussion of some of today's distinguished women in astronomy.

  Mar 2nd
  1st Wednesday
  7pm - 9pm

Variable Stars - AAVSO
by Bill Goff

Bill Goff had been a casual observer of the deep sky for a number of years when he met Clint Ford in the 1980s during one of his visits to Ford Observatory in California, near where Bill lived. He enjoyed visual variable star observing right away and learned a great deal from Ford. Later, as he attended AAVSO meetings he enjoyed the interesting people and sense of purpose that came from the more structured observing. It's a wonderful organization of those who love the many facets of observational astronomy.

In recent years Bill switched to CCD observing and variable star photometry. Bill will be talking about types of variable stars; why we observe them and some very exciting observational results.

  April 6th
  1st Wednesday
  7pm - 9pm

by Dr. Matthew Richter
Physics Dept, UC Davis

Details to follow

May 4th 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced
Sept 7th 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced
Oct 5th 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced
Nov 2nd 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced
Dec 7th 1st Wednesday  7pm - 9pm  To be announced

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